Chasing Zeke: Kevin Medrano nearing Ezequiel Carrera’s single-season batting average record

Kevin Medrano (credit: Pam Dietz)

Kevin Medrano and Juniel Querecuto were two of the most frustrating players for opposing pitchers in the First Half. Between them, they cracked exactly three home runs (all by Medrano), and yet they hit safely more than 35% of the time. Querecuto did it with a lot of line drives, and Medrano did it with good bat control and tenacity, fighting off pitch after pitch before finally getting a single or even a double down the line. Before being promoted to Triple-A Reno, Medrano led the league with 24 doubles in the First Half, and his .368 batting average batting average before the All-Star Break was tops in the circuit as well. The question that nobody could answer was this: would it hold up?

The Generals’ all-time record for a season-long batting average is .337, accomplished in 97 games by Ezequiel Carrera back in 2009. Carrera’s feat helped the 22-year-old climb the ladder to the big leagues, where he would debut in 2011 with the Cleveland Indians at age 24. 508 MLB games later, Carrera owns a career .262 batting average in The Show, playing most recently with Toronto in the 2017 campaign.

Medrano’s record chase is happening in his age-28 season, perhaps too late to springboard him onto a big-league radar the way it did for Carrera. (Medrano has shown increased versatility on defense this year, playing both corner outfield spots and every position in the infield.) That being said, to take down the franchise record would be a pretty cool way for the veteran to make his mark. He’s batting under .300 in the Second Half, so a surge in production would benefit both his cause and the team’s championship chase. With less than a week to go, the finish line is in sight.

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