Mr. Mariner and Mr. O’Neill


One of the perks of my job is getting to meet some of the roving coordinators that make their way from one affiliate to another throughout the season. Alvin Davis is someone I always look forward to seeing with the Generals. Mr. Mariner is in his fifth year as a roving instructor in the organization. In addition to his wealth of baseball knowledge and experience, he is extremely gracious with his time and open.

Seattle is fortunate to have an ambassador like him. Davis is one of the franchise’s icons, having spent almost his entire playing career with the Mariners. He was the 1984 American League Rookie of the Year and is still all over the franchise leaderboard.

Davis served as the team’s hitting coach while Jackson was taking on the Mississippi Braves July 14 to the 18, and he was nice enough to sit down with me for more than ten minutes. We talked about the success of this years Generals, the new front office in Seattle, Tyler O’Neill and more.

Speaking of Tyler O’Neill, he has been getting a lot of attention since playing in the Futures Game earlier in July. For those who don’t know, the 21-year-old is from Canada and he is quite proud of that. He did an interview with the TSN Radio affiliate in Vancouver after playing in San Diego, which you can listen to below.

Tyler is finally getting the recognition he deserves among the top prospects in baseball. Baseball America had him as Seattle’s top farmhand and the 45th best overall in their midseason rankings.

After an off day on Tuesday, the Generals return home to face a very talented Chattanooga squad in what could be a playoff preview. In addition to great baseball, there are fireworks, Pokémon GO and so much more. Hope to see all the locals out for a game or two.



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