Diaz Dominant in Debut

Diaz Smile

That was awesome. I got home last night just as Edwin Diaz was entering for the Mariners in his Major League debut. And what a debut it was. Edwin ramped it all the way up to 101 miles per hour, retiring all three batters he faced with a strikeout.

I can’t explain how surreal it was to watch. Edwin made it to Jackson last May, so I was fortunate to spend a year with him before he made the jump to Seattle (first player to do so in-season since 2010). I’ve watched the highlights approximately 75 times today.

Wow. Everything was perfect. The inning. The velocity. The standing ovation. His family taking pictures. And that smile. Gave me chills.

He took the the relief role so well. It took Edwin, at 22 years of age, just 10 appearances out of the bullpen in Double-A before he was summoned to The Show.

Here’s to a long, productive Major League career for Edwin Diaz. Just seeing him pitch in Seattle was so special. I talked to him on Friday and saw him pitch last Thursday. Days later, I saw what I had seen in person for a year on TV.

The big news today is that the Generals had seven — including Diaz — named to the North Division All-Star team. It was the most of any team and the most for Jackson since 2012. We’ll talk more about those guys as the game, which is on June 21, gets closer.

For now, I’ll just go back to watching Diaz dominate big league hitters like, well, Southern League hitters.


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