So close! We’re almost to Opening Night in 2016, and we’ve got some great multimedia content for you all to get ready. Above is a video featuring this year’s broadcast crew. I’m back for a second-year, and I’m happy to say I’ll be joined by good friend David Lauterbach in the booth this season. Like me, David is Jewish and from Los Angeles so we fit right in amongst the good folks in West Tennessee.

Jokes aside, we’re planning on providing comprehensive coverage of this year’s team to fans of the Generals and Mariners. Make sure you follow the team on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook and read this blog (which you’re already doing, so good job). If you’ve got any questions, feel free to email us at We love hearing from you. Unless you have any complaints, which you can send to David directly.

I got together with the other four broadcasters in the Mariners’ system yesterday for episode three of the Seattle System Scoop Podcast. We talked a bit about our coaching staffs, ballparks and life in the minors. Lots of interesting tidbits if you’ve ever wondered what working in the industry is like.


Next time we do one of these, we’ll have actual baseball to discuss! Praise Be!


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